Hand Woven Shawls Idea!

A shawl is a word of origin from Hindi, a simple item of clothing is used daily by women, particularly in cold weather. Usually, it was used to cover the shoulders and upper arms. This can be used to cover the head in very cold days. Most often Muslim women wear such shawls. There are many types of shawls but most  Kashmiri shawls, shahtoosh shawls, and scarfs. In Pakistan, these shawls are made on “khadi” by hand using lamb wool. There are various types of wool that Karegar called codes like 45, 75, 92, and 96. Such codes are generally used to describe the consistency and weight of the wool used in the preparation of the shawl. The highest number indicates a lightweight and warmer and, of course, a high price. Such hand-woven shawls are in high demand not only in Pakistan but also abroad.

Local Target Market

In Pakistan, the local target market of this product is Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore & Quetta.

International Target Market

International target market for this product are

  • USA
  • Canada
  • New Zee land
  • Austrailia
  • Russia

Where To Get These Shawls Manufactured?

In Pakistan, good quality hand-woven shawls are made in Islampur, Swat and Chitral. My recommendation is to visit these places on your own. Here you can find the expert villagers in the work of Khaddi. When you produce these shawls in bulk, you have to pay around PKR 2,500 to PKR 3,000 for a single piece of the high quality wool shawl. Whereas the price of such a shawl in the local market is around PKR 5,500 to PKR 6,500 and at the international market is about $ 100 to $ 120 excluding courier charges.  By doing this business you can earn a handsome amount.

How to Target International Market?

You can easily target the foreign market by taking the following measures on the Internet.

  1. First of all, your search for any one state of above country where the Muslim community resides.
  2. Note down the name and zip code of that state in an excel sheet.
  3. Search in google by writing the name of the state, zip code, add warm clothes store/shops.
  4. You will get the details of stores/shops including email and contact number.
  5. Even though this search  you can also get the detail of the Muslim community.
  6. Now you can send the pics, specification, and price detail of your product to them using email, and contact number.
  7. If you have any Facebook page or other web store where you are selling your products, send them the web address so that they visit and see the quality of the product.

If you still have any question about this business you can comment here, I will try to reply.


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