Earn Money Through Facebook Group Business Idea

Friends today I am going to tell an interesting idea to start a small business by doing strong networking with your group fellows at the Facebook platform. In this idea, we take an example of our group that is “Businessideascooker”. As you all aware that in this group many members are advertising their products that include cosmetics, dresses, food items and many more on wholesale prices.

First Step:What You Have To Do?

The strategy you have to adopt is to do a survey that includes how many General Stores are in your locality (near markets). What kind of item they deal. Collect this data and store in your mobile or computer. Then you have to go through “Businessideascooker” group’s post and shortlist those items that you have collected in your survey.

Again visit the near market and find out the prices of those items from those General Stores and also add one more information at which place they approach to buy it and how much is weekly, bi-monthly or monthly demand of those items.

Second Step: Strong Coordination With Group Member

After getting the price detail, the second step is to approach the appropriate person against shortlisted product and negotiate a good price by using your networking capability. The most critical thing about the price is that it must be the value that if you add your margin in it, it should be less than the cost on which your locality general store person buy.

Third Step: Conversion Of Networking Into Customer

The final step is that you offer the concern store person a lesser price than he buys from another place. By doing such exercise you can capture the market.

Example For This Business Opportunity

Let me try to give you more clarity about this idea by giving an example. If you are an active member of “Businessideascooker” group, you should know that one of the group members is giving wholesale offer on “tissue paper rolls and party tissue boxes” and another member is offer “ Shikarpuri Achar” of export quality.

You can do the survey on these products in your locality, for example as I am living in Islamabad, considering the sector I – 8 as my target market. There are approximately  20 General Stores and out of which in between 10 to 15 are selling these products.  By knowing such information I can target them for these items.

How Many Options Are For Doing Survey?

My recommendation is you have a survey by yourself. But if anyone does not want to do it then there another option there to do that. You just have advertised this survey over the “Fiverr Website” by giving a bid of PKR 500 and mention the data in excel sheet format you need. In this idea you can put excel columns have fields of General Store Name, Selling Items, Items price, items demand etc. Within 2 to 3 days people approach you online via this forum and you can assign the task to the most suitable person.

Last but not least believe me by availing this opportunity you can earn money with a very small investment in case if you hire someone for data collection otherwise it can be initiated with zero investment.

Best of Luck 🙂


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