Hamza A Young Millionaire Online Entrepreneure

The success story of Young Millionaire from Sialkot: from a waiter earning only PKR 2,500 per month, one of the biggest private multinational textile exporters, Hamza has shown that bright thinking leads to a better life and be able to become a young millionaire.

It’s very rightly said that success isn’t achieved when things happen rarely, but rather when you do it regularly. Hard work certainly pays off, and a living example of this argument is a prosperous 26-year-old Sialkot entrepreneur named Hamza Nizami and becomes a young millionaire.

Hamza was not born with a silver spoon, he belonged to the poor family. Financially, the conditions were very pitiful as the family lived in a single house, and what made it worse was that they had to sleep on dried grass. He began looking for work only when he was a 10th-grade student. With almost no experience and training, he was offered a position as a waiter with a quite low average salary of 2500 rs in a local restaurant. With the passing of time, Hamza tried again his abilities as a salesman in service shoes on a modest pay scale, and then as a finance manager in Mobilink. Even then, the job did not offer him much competently and financially, so he decided to quit the job and move immediately and continue his own work. Hamza had always dreamed of doing something about textiles and want to become a young millionaire, it was his strength but, unfortunately, he was not resourceful enough to accomplish what he might have always wanted.


He started his work in leather goods by taking loans from one of his close friends. He’d take orders online via a Facebook account, and with the capital borrowed, he’d get all the stuff he needed to make leather products. With cash on delivery service, he’d get a single piece order shipped and send the money back to his mate. Slowly and gradually, its customers started to overtake the local market. With zero capital invested, he was still able to generate profit and a good reputation. However, what made Hamza turn the tables to become a young millionaire was when he began receiving orders from the foreign market. Today, Hamza is exporting its leather accessories to some of the leading foreign fashion brands.

Realize it or not, but today Hamza owns one of its own companies that make leather accessories and make his dream of a young millionaire possible. In reality, it’s incredible and too good to be true, but it’s really real, the person was so successful that he made himself incredible even with zero money in his pockets.

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