Selling Cars Spare Parts Using Online Platforms

Pakistan is predominantly a used selling car spare parts market, and the reason for this is the reduced-vehicle production of new cars by domestic manufacturers, which contributes to longer delivery times resulting in higher vehicle premiums. And, to stop all the hassle and disappointment, people are buying used cars and looking for cars spare parts too. That is the key reason that there is a demand for cars spare parts and potential in this market.

How you can start this business without or low investment?

You have to do the two most important things to start this venture. You must first visit the old cars spare parts market in your city and, if possible, visit the nearest town as well. Before you visit, you can take the idea of the demand for cars spare parts over the internet on platforms like Olx, Bolee, Pak wheel and many more. Based on the market and your value, mention the name of the cars spare parts. During the visit, take price details from the dealers and, if possible, make a good deal by asking them to provide an online site for the selling of these cars spare parts items, even exchange the contact number. The second thing you need is an excellent camera to take high-resolution images of these cars spare parts.

After doing the above activity, you just have to upload photos of the cars spare parts. The price at online platforms such as Olx, Bolee, Facebook buy and sell groups, and many more after adding your margins. Once the deal has been made, you just have to ask the dealer to send the customer’s address, and get payment from the customer through Easypaisa, Jazz cash or bank account, also settle your payment transaction with dealer. The most critical thing is that you have control of payments in your hand.

You just have to invest your time and a small amount in this business to buy your camera and travel if you want to visit the nearest city market. So assume that you’re making a decent deal of cars spare parts with more money.


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