How to become a millionaire from nothing: Nadeem Yousaf

Today, I’m going to tell you the story of a young millionaire freelancer who started working on Fiverr’s online website that allows you to do a job according to your skills. The name of the young millionaire freelancer hero is Nadeem Yousaf, recognized as Pintoo0 on the Fiverr Website. He belongs to the city of Faisalabad, Pakistan. His earnings are around USD 31,000, and now he’s working with Fiverr Pro.

How his journey starts?

His father was a senior manager in an apparel company, and in 2013, his father was forced to resign from his position because his boss felt he wasn’t the best person to do that work. Since his family was facing significant financial problems, Nadeem Yousaf was a school student at the time. In such a tragic scenario, Nadeem Yousaf was unable to sleep. There are a lot of questions in his mind about how a family works without a father earning a living.

According to Nadeem Yousaf, he could not do a full-time job because he was a student and he always wish to study. In the meantime, one of his mates had told him about the Fiverr Platform and about doing online work. Thanks to his hard work and creative mind, he was successful in making the first $25 contract, and that was his first earning.

This turn was the game-changer for him. When he felt that his hard work would pay off, he started to battle more and gain orders and eventually completed over 900 orders and reached a 100 % success rate.

The lesson we learn from his story is that when the situation is terrible, the only thing is about how much you trust your abilities and work hard to get out from it and believe me the hard work and smart thinking still pays off you.

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