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Here in this age of technology, the invention of 3D printing has advanced the concept of manufacturing. This new face of technology has created opportunities for young entrepreneurs. It has influenced their minds to think about creative design. This technological advancement not only allows the creation of highly sophisticated products with a high degree of customization but also significantly reduces the cost of production. 

3D printing is not a new technology in the market, but there are a few retailers offering these services. This is the key reason why this business has the potential to start up in the shop. 3D printing itself is a complex process, however, a professional designer is often required to produce 3d files. The easiest and cheapest way to start a 3d printing business is to sell your printing idea. There is a range of online stores and websites where you can sell 3d printing designs and earn money.

Areas to sell 3d printing services

Medical business, construction business, architects, engineers and even it can be anyone. There is huge potential for this business.

Potential Customers For 3d printing services

  1. Jewelers ( Gold designs)

3d printing is very appealing to JEWELERS, making it easier for them to design new and beautiful jewelry. As a 3d printing service provider, you can take the template from the jeweler and convert it to a comprehensive 3d model after scanning. In this way, you can take orders from the jewelry industry and give them detailed 3d printing samples that result in a high business order due to attractive features.

2. Engineering, architectural and construction firms

Another potential market for 3d printing services is technology, architecture and construction firms. They also need services of this nature due to the lack of resources and workload.

3. Academia

One other way to earn money 3d printers is to emphasis on the need for awareness at schools, colleges and universities. Elite universities and colleges are willing to pay a large price to a specialist who knows everything about 3d printing and therefore can educate their academic/ students about using a 3d printer appropriately.

4. Consumers

When you’re good at 3d modellings, you can also make 3d modeling for a lot of items using your imaginative mind and sell them to everyone on the market according to their needs. You can make things like these plastic casings for electronic devices or circuits, kitchen equipment, beautiful 3d designs for buildings, bridges and even houses, fashion related items.

3D Printing Products

3D-Printed Kitchen Accessories
3D-Printed Fashion Related Accessories
3D-Printed Architectures Stuff
3D-Printed Cars Designs

Thus, by targeting any of the above potential clients, you can start a 3d printer business and earn a good amount.

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