Is forex trading profitable to invest?

What is Forex trade?

Forex is a type of claws of foreign currency and trade. Foreign exchange is a conversion from one currency to another for a number of purposes, typically for investment, trade or tourism.  According to a new recently concluded report by the Bank for International Settlements the total daily forex trading volume was just more than $5.1 trillion (Source: Investopedia).

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History of Forex trading

With the exception of the financial markets, which can trace their roots back to decades, the forex market as we know it today is a fully novel market. Since the Bretton Woods agreement of 1971, more global currencies were permitted to float freely against each other. The prices of different currencies differ, which has contributed to the need for foreign exchange services and trading.

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Forex trade Market

The forex market is where the currency is traded. Currency is important to most people around the world, either they know it or not since currencies have to be exchanged to conduct international trade and company. When you live in the U.S. and want to buy Malaysian cheese, then you or the agency that buys Malaysian cheese will pay the Malaysian cheese in ringgit (RM). It implies that the US supplier will have to trade an equal amount of US dollars ( USD) in Malaysian ringgit.

Types of forex trade market

There are three types of markets in forex the spot market, the forward market, and the future market. Forex spot trading has historically been the main market, as it is the “underlying” financial commodity on which forward and futures markets are based. Over the past, the futures market has been the most common trading platform as it has been open to individual investors for a prolonged period of time. Nevertheless, with the era of digital trading and various forex brokers, the spot market has made a massive rise in an activity and is now exceeding the futures market as the favored trading market for small investors and hedge funds. When people are referring to the forex market, they generally refer to the spot market. Whereas the Forward and the futures markets tend to become more popular among businesses.

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Is forex trading profitable ?

Let’s say that at a given time, the stock could move up as easily as it could move down (and in a range, the stock may move up and down). So, our chance of making a profit in a  position is 50 percent, which is like a coin flip. While most investors are unlikely to conduct random short-term transactions, we will begin with this situation. If we are equally inclined to make a fast profit, will a profit or loss run mean what future results will be? None!  on random deals.  the outcome still has a 50 percent chance, no matter what the results were before. People are losing hundreds of dollars in stock markets by failing to grasp the unpredictability of probability. The odds in our coin toss pattern are focused on unknown events in the future as well as the probability that they will occur.  People make money on the markets, and it’s not just because they’ve had a pretty good start, the fact that there are trends in the markets, and that does not make the markets a 50/50 investment, like in the coin toss case. ,  Stock prices continue to go in a certain direction over time, or they have done so consistently over the past of the market, which means they are observing the market trend. You can say that it just like a bell curve a term of statistics. This methodology may also allow investors to evaluate mutual funds or hedge funds.

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